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Buy MDMA is the abbreviated concoction name for the manufactured psychoactive medication 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine and is the dynamic fixing expected to be found in rapture tablets.

The measure of MDMA found in rapture tablets in Europe has been expanding in the course of recent years, and tablets have increased and thicker.

Different names

rapture, E, eggs, sweeties, eccies, pingers, swingers, small fellas, yolks, pills, or tablets might be named by the logo on the facade of the pill/tablet


Pills/tablets, for the most part, accompany a particular logo on one or the two sides and arrive in an assortment of shapes and sizes.

Medications Wheel Category


(with stimulant properties)


Abuse of Drugs Act (1971) – Class A.

Punishments for ownership are as long as seven years in jail as well as a boundless fine. Punishments for supply are up to life in jail and additionally a boundless fine.

How it’s taken

Most regularly gulped yet a few people may crush and grunt.


The beginning of impacts of MDMA when grunted or taken orally is probably going to be 20–70 minutes yet might be up to as much as 2 hours when taking pills. The impacts can last from 3–6 hours. Delayed consequences can be felt for as long as three days.

MDMA can make you feel talkative, euphoric, and associated with music and individuals. It additionally expands your pulse and body temperature. Different impacts incorporate visualizations, upgraded shading, and sound, jaw strain/holding, enlarged students, and trouble peeing. If you experience issues peeing – otherwise called a “ghost pee” drinking more water won’t make you bound to pee and will expand the danger of water inebriation – simply be quiet.

Individuals may encounter sentiments of nervousness in the wake of bringing MDMA during the descend. Long haul or overwhelming utilization of MDMA can prompt expanded sentiments of uneasiness and more trouble in overseeing sentiments of tension.

Resistance to MDMA can develop such a large number of individuals will take a resilience break.


Blending with liquor, physician recommended prescription or some other medications dangers startling, destructive and upsetting impact.

SSRI medicine can dull the impacts of MDMA so you might be enticed to take more to arrive at the ideal impact which will put more strain on your body

Some HIV prescriptions can obstruct the breakdown of MDMA and increment the hazard.

MDMA builds your body temperature – set aside some effort to chill off

MDMA can change your view of how hydrated you are. It may cause you to pee less or want to drink a greater number of fluids than you need. Drink a typical measure of water for the action you are doing. You likely needn’t bother with anything else than a large portion of a half quart of water every hour except if you are in an occupied, hot condition. Drinking isotonic beverages/natural product juice can help supplant fundamental salts (electrolytes) that are lost through perspiring.

After some time utilizing MDMA may expand your danger of uneasiness and melancholy.

On the off chance that you hurl this could diminish the adequacy of the prophylactic pill – utilize elective strategies to maintain a strategic distance from unintended pregnancy

High portions of MDMA can prompt Serotonin Syndrome – on the off chance that you see somebody who is scorching, their muscles might be unbending, and they might sweat a great deal, disorientated and unsettled – call an emergency vehicle and attempt to chill the individual off until they arrive.

Mischief decrease

All medication use has its dangers, however, on the off chance that you take euphoria (MDMA Pill) at that point the accompanying advances can decrease hurt:

Keep in mind that you can’t pass judgment on substance or immaculateness by appearance. Substance can shift – even inside a similar bunch

Abstain from blending with liquor, doctor prescribed prescription or some other medications, as the impacts might be startling or hurtful and terrible.

Medications influence individuals in an unexpected way

Know that pills/powders being sold as MDMA may contain different medications, for example, N-Ethylpentylone or PMA (para-Methoxyamphetamine), which can be more grounded, take more time to ‘kick in’, longer enduring and progressively perilous.

Portion low — begin with a quarter or half of a pill or a little spot of powder, and hold up in any event 2 hours before re-dosing

Taking more than one pill without a moment’s delay probably won’t expand the impact however can build hazard and exacerbate a descend.

Eat two hours before taking to decrease the risk of being wiped out.

Remain hydrated – drink a typical measure of water/isotonic beverage for the action you are doing. You likely needn’t bother with anything else than a large portion of a half quart of water every hour except if you are in an occupied, hot condition. Never leave drinks unattended.

MDMA influences your body’s view of how hydrated you are. Your mind figures you need more water, so you feel parched and quit peeing. This can make you drink more than you have to, making your blood to turn out to be excessively weakened. This can influence the fragile equalization of electrolytes in your cerebrum, which are fundamental for it to work. Drinking an excessive amount of water can prompt a condition called hyponatremia, which can be lethal. Peruse increasingly here.

A few people normally hold more water in their bodies and contrasts in the degrees of hormones in your body, for example, estrogen and testosterone can put you at more danger of hyponatremia when ingesting stimulant medications.

Take standard breaks if moving.

Biting gum can help with impacts of jaw strain, rolling the biting gum in a ball on your tongue can offer your jaw a reprieve from biting. On the off chance that you have been jaw grasping, wash your mouth out with salty water. Keep up great dental wellbeing and brush your teeth after a session.

Relax consistently and chill off to abstain from overheating

You can wind up unfit to pee because of muscle strain, plunking down and loosening up your muscles can help.

Particular Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) and some different prescriptions, regularly recommended for emotional well-being conditions, will dull the impacts of MDMA. This can prompt you taking more than wanted to accomplish the ideal impact. This will put more strain on your body, as opposed to improving your experience, and can prompt an expanded danger of a hazardous, conceivably lethal condition called serotonin disorder

Serotonin disorder is hazardous — keep an eye out for anybody overheating, ‘fitting’, seriously disturbed/befuddled or who looks intensely hot and inflexible. Try to avoid panicking and call 999 right away.

You should space sessions out by in any multi event-month however in a perfect world three months to lessen the effect on your physical and emotional wellness

Taking MDMA two days straight will make it less viable and can make you take more than arranged. This won’t improve your experience, however, will expand the hazard.

Stimulant use is connected to an expanded danger of Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) which ought to be not be left untreated.

Blending MDMA with different stimulants puts expanded weight on your heart.

Blending MDMA with hallucinogenic medications can prompt an increasingly exceptional encounter which could feel overpowering.

Like every single stimulant medication, MDMA can influence your dozing design which can affect your psychological prosperity.

Utilize safe sex rehearses — medications can bring down hindrances!

Care for your buddies and look for therapeutic assistance as quickly as time permits on the off chance that anybody falls unwell. Speak the truth about what you realize they have taken

On the off chance that SNORTING

Pound or smash substances finely before grunting

Portion low — begin with a modest quantity, and hold up in any event 2 hours before re-dosing

Utilize a spotless straw or post-it as a ‘tooter/snorter’ as opposed to cash and discard after use

Position the ‘tooter/snorter’ as high up the nostril as could be expected under the circumstances

Abstain from sharing your ‘tooter/snorter’ with any other person (this could spread infections)

Utilize an alternate nostril each time

Wash out your nose with sterile water after every session

Nutrient E oil can decrease harm to nose whenever connected in a slim layer inside in the wake of cleaning, similar to you would lip analgesic.


Break pills into little quarters

Pound or pulverize substances finely before gulping

Portion low — begin with a modest quantity, and hold up 2 hours before re-dosing

Utilize a cigarette paper or container to “bomb” the powder

Gulping can build the odds of inclination debilitated – separating a limited quantity and holding up between dosages can make this more uncertain.

If you intend to blend into a beverage, shake routinely and never leave it unattended

In the event that DABBING

Granulate or pound substances finely before spotting.

Portion low — begin with a little spot of powder.

Plan your dosages ahead of time – your impression of a portion once you are as of now high won’t be exact.

Hold up 2 hours before re-dosing.

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